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Residential Solar Power Installation

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Initiate a Change with Supreme Quality Solar Panels for Home

Global Solar world lies at the forefront of equipping homeowners with leading edge solar power devices used for home. Using the knowledge from our extensive skillset we have established solutions to the fluctuating energy costs. We satisfy clients through offering a complete solution by providing a package involving detailed prior onsite inspection, revolutionary solar panels for home, technical support for solar power installation and providing a good investment. Clients are equipped with a recommendation list in consideration for a thorough understanding of financial considerations imposed by Governments and renewable energy markets.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

“Global Solar World” Team of Residential Solar power Installers and Technicians in Sydney

We stock numerous high-engineered off-grid solar panels, batteries and inverters which are designed and utilised during installation to provide unrestricted power supply to clients.

Additionally we provide an annual inspection service at the end of each year to ensure that the clients’ solar power inverter system is operating smoothly and is well maintained. This will provide a piece of mind to clients.

Empowering Lives with World-class Sustainable Energy Solutions

Global Solar World contains a well- rounded team of experts that specialise in developing sustainable solar energy solutions.

How Global Solar World Empowers Homeowners

Aspects that have helped us set the benchmark in our industry are:

  • Customised solutions designed to meet residential needs.
  • Accredited system designers, technicians and qualified consultants to assist you.
  • Revolutionary solar panels for home to curb on carbon emissions.
  • Prior Onsite inspections to assist clients in evaluating their unique energy needs.

Operation of Single Phase Inverters

An inverter is an electrical device that converts a DC voltage input into an AC voltage output. This is achieved through the use of two wires, known as the active and neutral wire. Electricity from the grid will flow through the active wire whereas the neutral wire will be connected to the earth at the switchboard. The purpose of the neutral wire is to provide a path back to the switchboard incase a major fault occurs, and this will prevent electrocution to occur.

Operation of Three phase Inverters

A three phase inverter contains three active wires in addition to the neutral wire. Three active wires come from the grid and they transport the electricity from the grid so that it flows through the 3 wires. This helps to evenly distribute the power obtained through each phase. The wires are orientated at an angle of 120 degrees with respect to each other and this is how the electricity is conducted. Three phase inverters are very beneficial for extremely large loads such as air conditioners.

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